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Bespoke Services

We offer blended delivery teams as well as fully managed IT outsourced teams. We work closely with you to identify your IT needs and execute your IT goals. You are able to focus on what matters most and achieve your business goals. Our individual and personalised service engagement model allows us to deploy a dedicated team to work with you to form a formidable delivery team.

Tagit Augments

Tagit augments your team. We understand that some of the investments and financial services IT skills are required at specific points in time (e.g., projects) in the life of an organisation’s journey to deliver IT initiatives. Tagit aims to ensure that suitable, high quality IT skills are available at these salient points of the IT delivery journey.

Tagit Drives Precise and Disciplined Delivery

Tagit is available throughout the delivery journey to drive the intended outcomes. We act as a bridge between technical specialists and the business. As such the majority of the pool of talent is “generalist” IT skills and partnerships may be formed with more focused product developers. We do this to ensure what is developed meets business goals through product selection and planning for it. We ensure that security is part of the solutions plan. We aim to understand what the requirements are, by doing so, we will be able to offer quality solutions that meet the business requirements. Our solutions are stable , which means no downtime for your business. Tagit follows best practice standards to ensure high level handover executions and continuity.

What we deliver

Advisory & Consulting

  • Strategy
  • Design & Integration
  • Resilience
    • IT Governance
    • IT Security
    • Disaster Recovery

Solutions & Implementation

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Testing
  • Change Management

Maintenance & Monitoring

  • Managed Services
  • IT Operations
  • Desktop & Helpdesk Support
  • Infrastructure & Server Monitoring

Who we have worked with

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An award worthy experience

Standard Bank’s Top Women Award 2020/2021

Top Gender Empowered Companies (in ICT Sector)

AI Global’s MEA Markets 2020/2021

African Excellence Award

AI Global’ s MEA Markets 2020/2021

MEA Business Award Advisory & Consulting

Corporate LiveWire Innovation

Excellence Awards 2021

AI Global’s MEA Markets 2020/2021

African Excellence Award – Minority-Owned IT Company of the Year 2021

Standard Bank’s Top Women Award 2022

Standard Bank’s Top Women Award 2022: Top Gender Empowered Companies (in ICT Sector)

Women Empowerment Principles

Leadership 2020-2021 Nominee

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